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Come to Understand

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No New Posts Welcome to Japan

So you wanna read our rules? Well this is the place to find them. Please read through all of them carefully and make sure you come to understand them fully so you don’t get yourself in trouble when joining. There are also other important documents here including the plot and the characters.

3 22 Our Story
by Sango
Jan 16, 2006 19:50:27 GMT -5
No New Posts From the Staff

You will find IAFFT’s most recent announcements and other things in this board. You can post comments about the site (even if they are bad), ask questions and get helpful answers and more. Please read all of the announcements.

Sub-boards: Suggestions, Comments, Questions?, Activity Checks

3 3 Glossary
by Sango
Jun 26, 2007 14:33:28 GMT -5
No New Posts Site Recommendations

If you have suggestion for the site come here and post the idea. If you see one that you agree upon you can post your own thoughts to add to it. You never know, you may just get your wish.

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No New Posts Away/Quitting

Have you done something to get yourself grounded or do you just feel like quitting? Well, please make a topic inside of this board to let us know that you will be gone for a general amount of time or forever (which we really hope not) so when we have an activity check and you are gone, we will not delete your account.

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No New Posts Post Graveyard

As you probably guessed, this is where the dea posts will be moved to. If you would like to have a post revived from the graveyard then message a staff member and tell them you want it revived and if they think that the topic will stay active they might bring it back.

293 7,637 forest
by inuyasha9797
Aug 5, 2010 10:44:58 GMT -5

Character Archive

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No New Posts Create Your Character

Here is where you can find a form that tells you what to post to create a character. Please wait until you get a message saying that your character was accpeted before you rp it.

Sub-board: Mothers Womb

2 2 Form
by Sango
Apr 26, 2008 20:38:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Accepted Characters

Here is where your topic will be moved once it is accepted. If it is not here and you didnt get a message saying that it was accepted then you need to fix your application.

Sub-boards: Accepted Demons, Accepted Half-Demons, Accepted Humans

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No New Posts The Boneyard

When your character dies the bio for that character will be moved here where you can add anything you would like to it. There is no bringing a character back from the dead.

11 20 Tsubasa
by Aiko
Jan 18, 2009 23:09:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Logs

This is where you can create a topic to keep track of your character in. This can also help to remind you what posts you are in and with what member and what character. There is an example form inside.

2 2 Aiko's Log
by Aiko
May 10, 2008 7:24:53 GMT -5

The Modern Era

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No New Posts The City

In the modern era you will find the city in which Kagome Higurashi lives along with the rest of her friends and others that she doesnt even know. It is not a huge city but it is pretty large. There are stores along the roads. You will also find other things that you would find in a city as well.

Sub-board: City Park

1 108 The Wanderer
by Lord Sesshomaru
May 12, 2014 18:38:43 GMT -5
No New Posts The Higurashi Shrine

Here is where Kagome, Sota, Kagome's mother, and grandpa lives. There is a well that is in a shrine to itself that is also a time portal for Kagome. The only ones that can pass through this well are Kagome and InuYasha. There is also a tree here that Kagome feels close to when she is here and InuYasha is still in the feudal era.

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No New Posts The High School

As you probably guessed, this is the high school that Kagome and the rest of the teens in the city go to school at. Right across the street from the school is the Wac Donalds so the students can leave the school to go to lunch there.

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No New Posts Wac Donalds

Across the street from the High School you will find the Wac Donalds. This is a fast food resturant that is very much like the American Mac Donalds. This is where Kagome and her friends mostly go to hang out. The students from the High School can also come here for lunch.

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No New Posts The Mall

Downtown you will find one of the busiest places in all of the city. This is the mall. You can come here to hang out with your friends or just come here to look around. There are all kinds of stores inside that you can shop in. There are sales but thats if you can fight the crowd before the sale ends.

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The Northern Lands [Lord Ryuukotsusei]

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No New Posts Castle of the Azure Dragon

Ryuukotsusei's Castle, it seem to appear over night. Towering high against the Northern Mountains, and above the the Labyrinth that was there. If looked upon at the right time of a clear day, The castle itself looks as if a sleeping dragon with the mountain being it's wings.

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No New Posts Ryuukotsusei's Labyrinth

An ancient labyrinth that is now home for demons who have lost their way in its halls. Different rumors consist on what lies within. It's location is under Ryuukotsusei's Castle, as it hoards the spoils of his battles.

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No New Posts Mount Yukisuzume

about 20 miles north of Mt. Hakurei stands a much taller moutian completly covered in ice and snow. it is said that an ice Priestiess cave her life at its peaks to save the life of her love, but it ended all in vain. Her soul was said to be cursed onto its frozen lands.

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No New Posts Mount Hakurei

Mount Hakurei is a mountain that used to be home of a holy monk. A barrier had protected the mountain until Naraku had attempted to use it as his body. It had been destroyed by InuYasha and his friends along with the help of Naraku. By some spiritual powers the mountain had been rebuilt but there is still a barrier around it. Only those with a pure heart and human blood can cross the barrier without harm. If a demon tried to get past it then the mountain would purify the demon and the demon would turn into a human.

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No New Posts Kouga's Territory

In a small mountain range you will find a territory that belongs to the wolf demon Kouga. Other demons wonder around here but most of them do not live long enough. This was before Kouga's comrades where killed by Kagura. Ever since the cave beside of the waterfall which, Kouga had lived in, is now empty because he is still searching for Naraku and trying to win the heart of Kagome. The wolves that Kouga controled still look over the lands but some of them stay with Kouga.

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No New Posts Slayers Village

Once a flourished village the Slayer's Village was home to many demon slayers and weapon makers but due to Naraku they where all killed except for Sango. Her little brother Kohaku lived here as well but he was killed but Naraku had brought him back to live. Occasionally you will find Sango in this village restocking on weapons and paying her tributes to her dead family and friends. This village is also the village in which the Shikon Jewel was created.

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No New Posts Hikari Hot Springs

About ten miles from the Slayer's Village you will find the Hikari Hot Spring's. This hot spring is hidden by a small mountain range and a very thick forest. Since the hot spring is hidden not many travelers come to visit it but those that do usually try to stay as long as they can. The pools of hot water are not so deep that you have to swim in them and the water is not scolding hot either. It is just right enough for you to just sit in and relax.

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The Southern Lands [Lord Keiran]

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No New Posts Sayuri Forest

Is oddly a very vibrant forest within the Southlands. Yet the forest here is alive, much more differently then others.
Vines wrap around their prey pulling them into the moss and other plants devouring any who foolishly enter this forest.

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No New Posts Totousai's Layer

Out in the middle of no where you will find a flat peice of land where there are small steam gysers, no trees, a river of lava, along with the bones of a demon. Inside these bones you will find the great sword smith Totousai. Very few come here and this is not because of the location but because Totousai doenst make his weapons just for anyone. He usually only makes them for himself and InuYasha. Usually Myoga can be found here as well if you are looking for him.

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No New Posts Jakunen Crater

Miles away from Totousai's Layer you will find a huge crater in the ground. There are trees all around it until you get about seven feet from it. This is known as the Jakunen Crater. It was said that InuYasha's father had battled Ryukotsusei, the great dragon demon. InuYasha's father had pinned Ryukotsusei to a tree where InuYasha had to free the great dragon demon and defeat him. This was said to make the crater even deeper to the point that it is almost a hole in the ground.

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No New Posts Fuzen Forest

In the middle of no where you come across a forest where it is dark and having a blizzard. The snow at your feet is about 3 feet deep. It is always night in this forest, the Fuzen Forest, and it is said that if you are a young man that the woman spirit that wonders around here will lure you towards her with a song that no man can refuse. It was said that after a human had killed a demon princess she was cursed to have her soul wonder around this forest. After you come to her she will devour your human soul and you will never be seen again.

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No New Posts Tayou Village

If you managed to get out of the Fuzen Forest you will find yourself at a prosperous village. Many people travel to this village but the poor would not survive here. Everything is expensive but the items are very trust worthy. They have two huts that are reserved only for the guests to stay in so if you are traveling then you might want to check those two huts out. You can stay there for free of charge but you have to buy something from one of their stores.

1 37 No Risk, No Gain
by Lord Sesshomaru
Jan 28, 2013 1:33:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Reigando Caves

about 15 miles beyond Tayou Village is the Reigando Caves. Most interwine and goes back into one but some will remains seprate. None knows why so many caves was formed so close together but when real quiet you can sometimes hear as if something is digging in them.

1 33 Necessities
by Lord Sesshomaru
Mar 11, 2013 1:05:01 GMT -5

Yakushima City

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No New Posts Chabako Teahouse

A large teahouse, that is known to have the best teas in all of Japan. Within its walls many girls perform and serve. Anything from tea to music can all be found here.

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No New Posts Yakushima Castle

Within the center of this grand city lies a large castle. This was know as the largest castle in Japan. Many Shoguns have took arms in this castle protecting their new lord.

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The Eastern Lands [Lord Ainu]

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No New Posts Kaede's Village

When you first get into the Eastern Lands you will find a pretty good sized village that has a shrine on top of a hill. There is something special about this shrine, it was once the place in which the Shikon Jewel was guarded by the preistess Kikyou. Because of the deception of Naraku Kikyou was killed and burried at this shrine. Now the person that looks after the shirne is Kikyou's little sister, Kaede. She takes care of the travlers that pass through and also InuYasha and his friends. She is also the person who is in charge of the village.

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No New Posts Forest of InuYasha

About a mile from Kaede's Village you will find a forest that was named after InuYasha. This is because he was pinned up to the tree in this forest and it is probably the place that he lived while trying to take the Shikon Jewel from Kikyou when she was alive. In this forest you will find a clearing except for one tree, the tree that InuYasha was pinned to. In this clearing you will find the Bone Eaters well. This is the well that lets Kagome and InuYasha pass through the two era's.

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No New Posts Onigumo's Cave

As you come out of the Forest of InuYasha you will find a grassy clearing where on the side of a hill is a cave. Everyday before Naraku came to be the preistess Kikyou came and cared for a wounded bandit by the name of Onigumo. He had fallen in love with Kikyou but due to his injuries he was unable to move so he called the demons to come and feast on his flesh so that way he could have a body so he could have Kikyou but the demons took total control and things did not go as he planned. If you go in the cave you will see a burn print where Onigumo once layed before he became Naraku.

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No New Posts Hijeri Meadow

After you get past Onigumo's cave you will find not a forest but a meadow. The Hijeri Meadow to be exact. It is a large meadow that is always quiet and peaceful. In the spring and summer flowers bloom and they drift off in the wind. In the winter the snow makes it look even more beautiful. It is said that the soul of a gardener lives here and will not allow violence or loud noise in her garden. If you try to do either one of these she will get angry and no one has lived to tell what happens next.

1 115 Wings of a Butterfly
by Birdie
Feb 25, 2013 2:23:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Amaya River

Once you make it out of the meadow you will find another flat peice of land that is on a clearing except this is the Amaya River. It is always cold no matter what season it is. It is pretty deep and full of water type wild life. On the other side of the river you will see a dark aura and in the far distance a castle. This river is the border of the Eastern and Western lands. Most of those travlers that come to this river usually stay to the Eastern side of it just to be safe.

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No New Posts Ryokue Caravan

The largest carvan in all of Japan now uses this as their most public appearances. They travel all over Japan to come back here and sell the products the had found.

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The Western Lands [Lord Sesshomaru]

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No New Posts Sesshoumaru's Castle

A dark forboding aura surrounds this castle and many fear to even come miles around it. It is a very large castle that is pretty fit for the ruler of it. The great dog demon Sesshoumaru lives here. Most of the time he is not here because he is either out looking for Naraku of out trying to get InuYasha's sword. He still has some guards surrounding the castle so don't think just because Sesshoumaru is not there that you can get in and life to tell the tale afterwards...

More recently the castle seems to have lessened in its intimidation, a less dark place. Greenery has suddenly appeared, lively and welcoming. Even so, the knowledge of who lives here, and the viciousness of the gaurds keeps the intimidation alive.

4 220 Living in the Moment
by Birdie
Apr 22, 2014 20:30:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Hejera Lands

For about twenty miles you will see nothing except for the image of Sesshoumaru's castle. That is until you reach the Hejera lands. Because it is even close to Sesshoumaru's castle it is always dark here but it is even worse during the night. This land has a very dense forest and only around the borders are there trees that are alive. The rest are dead. Many demons live here and many humans are smart and do not come in here alone for the fear of their lives. Those that are stupid enough to go alone usualy get killed by the many vicious demons that live here.

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No New Posts Witch's Cave

Deep within a cave that had longer been used by Dark Priestiess. Now lays still, but a small cavinin within the cave resulted in the nearby taking a new path through this cave, making an underground lake that is over 1/2 mile down.

1 43 An Mismatch Adventure for a Mismatch Pair
by Naraku
Sept 5, 2013 0:44:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Moriko Village

On the border of the Hejera Lands you will walk for about five miles and find yourself and one of the smallest villages around. This is the Moriko Village. It is a poor village and they do not have much food but they have enough to sell to the travlers that pass through. Often they go hunting in the Sakuru Forest but the only thing in there is small vermin like rabbits. They all are weary of strangers but they do have one hut that they will let the travelers rent but it will not be cheap.

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No New Posts Kilemijaro Valley

As you come out of the Moriko Village and before you get to the Sakuru Forest you will find the Kilemijaro Valley. It is a small valley where a river runs through, well its not really a river but a large creek. At the end of the river at the border of the Sakuru Forest you will find a small but peaceful waterfall. Many smaller animals and demons call this place home but during the night you might want to be careful because that is when the bigger demons go hunting for food.

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No New Posts Sakuru Forest

After you have passed through the Kilemijaro Valley you will find the very peacefull Sakuru Forest. It is deep in the Western Lands and mostly small vermin and demons live here. It is always a peaceful place and hardly anything goes on bad here except for the villagers from the Moriko village come to hunt here because there is no where else for them to do that in. It is said that if you travel far enough down in the forest you will find a cave where the kitsune, also known as fox demons live.

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Shinju Island

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No New Posts The Shinju Shores

The sands here seem ice cold under bare feet at night when oddly it seems normal during the day. Its rumored that these shores are the first step to enter a new world.

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No New Posts Magumi Falls

At the center of the island a large waterfall drops off into a pond before continuing its path back into the ocean. Within this pond is suppose to be the home of a powerful water imp.

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No New Posts Forest of Yojimbo

A thick forest where once you have enter it became impossible to tell the difference between day and night. Legends of a Cursed God of Vengence and Death haunts this forest but none has ever seen him, or least survived.

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No New Posts Village of Demons

A small village nearing the end of the island. This village consist of only demons. yet many didfferent types and breeds live here in peace. Even though most was outcast others came as couples to get away from their old tribes. All for not being the same breed of demon. The older generations here is the ones that believe in the flyinf temple.

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No New Posts Ruined Temple

Is thought to be the true temple of the island. Most of the temple is crumbling on the outside but the temple itself still stands. Deep inside the temple though rest an shrine with three alters, all with round like incerts.

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No New Posts The Mystical Sky Temple

A few on the island believe that a temple hanging over the clouds protect and guards the island and the only way to get to it is to use the three missing orbs in the shrine. But not only is it just rumors, it is completly impossible for a temple to just be floating in the air or is it?

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Naraku's Castle

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No New Posts The Castle

Is it real or not?

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No New Posts Forest of No Return

Surrounding Naraku's castle is a forest that is know as the most deadly forest in all of Japan. Yet it is the only way to reach the castle, unless took by flight.

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No New Posts Art Gallery

Do you have some art you want to show off? Post it here and get some feed back on it. You can also request pictures. This isn’t just for pictures. It is a place of all types of art including poems and stories.

*All pictures/writings are copyrighted to their creators.*

Sub-boards: Pictures, Literature

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No New Posts Fan Corner

Any fanfics you would like to share with the rest of us? What about pictures from the show that you've either manipulated or drawn? Well, put them here!

*Stories are © to their original owners*

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No New Posts Talk talk talk!

If you just wanna chat and share interesting stuff with the other members post it here. You can also find a board for contests and plot requests!

Sub-boards: Mini Plots, Games

7 365 The four letter game!
by amami
Jul 23, 2009 19:51:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Affiliate/Advertise

So you have a site that you would like to have affiliated with us? Then just post inside. You can also advertise your site just follow the rules.

[Guest Friendly!]

Sub-board: Accepted Adverts

79 81 Sword Art Online!
by Adelard
Jan 8, 2014 17:13:54 GMT -5


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No New Posts Mod Applications

If you would like to be a mod and think you would be good at it. You can come here and by following our application sheet post your qualifications. So next time we are needing a mod the applications are already completed.

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No New Posts Admin's Debate

Where Admins and Mods get together and discuss and debate about future changes.

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